中野heavysick ZERO

open: 18:00 / start: 18:20

adv: 2,500 yen / door: 3,000 yen

miyoshi twin Ver:N.E/M.O Resuscitation Party “Tokyo Death Cult #6”

入場順 : 罪→罰→業

罪 : Tokyo Death Cult Picture Ticket
◆the deadly school Web Shop
◆the deadly school Web Shop -Global-
◆the deadly school GIG会場物販→2019.2.6 下北沢MOSAiC公演より販売開始。
※受付期間 : 2019.2.6~2020.3.6
※送料 : 日本国内、国外一律 ¥200
※Tokyo Death Cult Picture Ticketご入場の方は特典を当日配布いたします。

罰: 各Artist予約
業 : 当日券


2019年10月01日 21時43分

glamscure online store open

To commemorate the opening of our online store, we would like to give a chance to our overseas fans to get rare and exclusive items that had been available in Japan only.
Our new single "Gloria" is also up for preorder!

① All our live-limited singles are on sale for overseas!!
② Rare limited merchandise from previous concerts and events is temporarily on sale! Quantities are extremely limited.
③ Every time ¥3,000 worth of CD's and merchandise has been purchased, we will include a rare present item that had been distributed at glamscure's previous concerts and tours (badges, stickers, postcards, privilege DVD's).

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